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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lose Fat With Caveman Diet

Well guys you must have given thought sometimes about your ancestors. They were most fit and remained in good health condition throughout their life. The field of medicines was not evolved at all those times but still they lived a very healthy and good life. The fact lies in the daily activity and their eating habits. They used to hunt and lots efforts were involved in hunting an animal or finding the right plant root. The lifestyle they had was helping them a lot in remaining fit. The rawness of their diet provided a healthy nutrition to their diet.
Today i will put some light on the diet which has its interests in the paleolithic age and derives its diet constituents from palaeolithic age.  Loren Cordian the author of caveman diet says its a very beneficial and healthy diet. He claims that  if we eat like our ancestors did we will remain fit and wont have those extra bulky pounds on our body.
 Though today we cant have an actual 100% of the diet like our ancestors but we can copy up to some extent in order to derive health benefits from it. This body is what has come from our ancestors and all the genes are still there and they know what they used to eat to remain fit. So a diet which can boost up your health and reduce the level of incidence of diseases from your body is highly appreciable.
Clinically the diet has shown very good results and this diet is a proper diet to reduce the amount of heart diseases, blood pressure and off course to make you lose extra weight from your body. The supports of the diet are of the opinion that the modern trend of lifestyle and the replacement of food items with new trend of food items has been a major blow to our healthy living. We are seeing a continuous decrease in the health of people and people are becoming more prone to diseases due to lack of proper diet.
The diet promotes foods like fish, eggs, meat, roots, vegetables, fruits etc. Though we cannot eat as our ancestors used to before 10,000 years but up to some extent we can have the same. There are also some plans which you can adhere to according to your choice.

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