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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Carb Lovers Diet Your Way To Lose Fat

Well guys you must have not dreamt even in your rarest that this kind of diet is possible. But now here i am with the most loving diet for carb lovers. The carbs that you were forbidden to eat now are back in your menu and plus you are going to lose fat. Well this is impossible to believe but this diet brings forward the fact that we can lose fat with the diet called as ‘carb lovers diet’. Frances Largeman-Roth the co-author claims that its a very healthy diet controlling the calorie intake and also guiding us towards good carbs.
Thus making it possible to lose fat even though we are taking what we like. Roth also claims that resistant starch rich foods can demolish the fat layers that are there from ages.  Resistant starch food items help in making the digestion very slow which will lead to higher metabolism and will rub off the extra fat from your body. It can also curb our unhealthy cravings and maintain our blood sugar level. Roth claims that if this diet is followed, which is easy to follow because of its inside menu, it can make you up to 10 pounds a month.
 I think that's what all out there are searching for. Some light is also given on exercise importance and it is important to include them in your daily activity. The menu inside carb lovers diet is very broad in fact it covers all food items, nothing is left out. Just keep in mind about the resistant starch part and include good amounts of food items that are rich in it like green bananas, beans etc.On weekly basis you can take a chocolate treat and all those high in carbs. The diet includes 75 recipes which are very healthy and they will help you in losing fat. This will all help you in your way to lose fat in jolly and loving way. I give this diet 8 out 10. Take care

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