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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Cheaters Diet An Amazing Way To Lose Fat

Well it is an established truth that people cheat when they are on a diet plan this is all because of the cravings they have. The level of concentration when we start on dieting is high and gradually it comes off and we go back were , we were standing. People get dissatisfied with the diet as it does not show the results right away, this is one of the biggest reasons that people cheat with their diet and start retaking the high carb or high fat diet. This further brings the much worried fat and weight back to your body. The more persistent we are with diet, the more results we will see in near future.
Cheaters diet has been given a good name and it doesn't mean that you have to cheat in this diet but it is giving you a weekends off from the diet plan, so you can enjoy with whatever you like. The author Paul Rivas claims that you will lose weight from this diet plan if you have healthy meals and remain active throughout. Paul Rivas is of the opinion that you can cheat of the weekends and enjoy whatever you wish in your meals.
The dieters will start on Monday and end on Friday and can start their cheating from 9 Am Saturday and the end comes on 9 am Sunday.  Cheaters diet plan follows a Mediterranean style of diet plan and gives stress on exercises. This can heavily make you lose weight and you will start staying happy with the Mediterranean diet plan (cheaters diet plan). If you like the Mediterranean food style then this is what you have been waiting for.
Cheaters diet menu has good amounts vegetables, fruits, dairy products like yogurt (low fat dairy products are encouraged), lean protein, whole grains etc. Emphasizing on three meals and two snacks. You plate should be half filled with fruits and vegetables and rest is composed of one by fourth with lean protein and rest with whole grains.You just have to go on with this method and then you can enjoy with your cheating with whatever you like on the cheaters day.
Personally i feel its a good diet for most of the people out there who want to lose fat because it gives you the option of eating whatever you like. So you will not feel bored neither you will feel the guilt of cheating as is felt in other diets. So its worth giving a try to lose fat.

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