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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lose Fat By Drinking Skim Milk

Milk is also called 'Nature's best food' and it definitely posses the value to be called so. Recent studies have revealed that taking diary products especially skim milk increases the fat metabolism inside our body and thus burns out the extra fat which makes us shrink our body size and also lose weight. Skim milk is basically a type of milk which has the lowest possible calories in it, thus also making a calories deficit in the body and body will ultimately turn to other sources for calorie consumption which will be our stored fat.

Thus skim milk makes us lose fat, shrink our body size and lose weight.Skim milk not only has low content of calories which makes us lose fat but it has certainly a high content of calcium and protein in it also which are also helpful in maintaining the body in good shape and size. As you know protein adds to the muscle and calcium is very helpful in protecting us from colon cancer and many other benefits, thus making you lose fat without any health risks.

Now talking about the simple math that can be calculated how you can lose fat with skim milk, lets look out. Normal milk contains around 180 calories and 8gm fat in a cup while skim milk contains only around 80 calories and 0gm fat in a cup. As you can see skim milk is much better if we want to lose fat, so adding up skim milk to our daily dietary list will result in a loss of 1lb of weight in a week because 1lb of body fat is 3500 calories and if we reduce around 250 calories daily it will make us lose weight of around 1 lb per week which is quite significant.

Milk is at its best taste when served icy cold, it should be stored in a cool place for a maximum of 7 days so that it doesn't rot out.

Nutritional Values Of Skim Milk
Amount = 8oz
Calories = 86
Fat = Less than 1g
Saturated fat = 0g
Cholesterol = 4g
Carbohydrate =12g
Protein = 8g
Dietary Fiber = 0g
Sodium =103mg
Vitamin A = 500IU
Vitamin B12 = 1mcg
Vitamin D = 3mcg
Calcium = 302 mg
Phosphorus = 247mg
Potassium =382mg

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