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Friday, September 7, 2012

How You Lose Fat With Pineapple Frappe

Here is another drink in our list that can help you to lose fat. Yes guys the ingredients that pineapple frappe has in it helps to make you lose fat or at least shed some extra pounds every month. I have detailed on how you can lose fat with green tea, watermelon juice and some other drinks, well today we have the turn of  another favorite drink of you and that is pineapple frappe. Pineapple juice is itself a helpful mixture which can help in losing fat.

But when we are talking about pineapple frappe means we are talking about addition to simple pineapple juice and that too helps in losing fat. So no matter what, we lose fat whether we take the pineapple juice or the pineapple frappe, we can say it is a good healthy drink. Pineapple contains bromelain an enzyme which is effective for weight loss. I have come across various dietary supplements having bromelain and they claim very good weight loss in shorter span of time.

Bromelain is helpful in digestion, breaking down protein and it is said that it can absorb fat 100s of times more fat than what you will consume, so looks good to make us lose fat. More ever you will see more often than not that pineapple frappe includes addition of flaxseed oil and which makes it really a very good drink to lose fat because flaxseed contains MUFA's which are proven ingredients to make you lose fat. 

MUFA (mono unsaturated fatty acids) they are very helpful in making us  lose fat, in fact many dietary plans are based on consumption of more MUFA to reduce fat from the body. So taking bromelain and MUFA will really help us in losing fat and i give it a 5 star ranking as a good dietary drink which can make us lose fat without much thinking part.

So adding up these healthy drinks to your regular weight loss plan can help you enormously to lose fat. Plus many of us are on a regular workout plan plus a dietary plan and the more effective your dietary plan is the better shape you will have in fewer amount of time. So start adding up good dietary drinks to make you lose fat. 

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