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Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Lose Fat With Crunches And Good Diet

Hi everyone, there is a myth that alone crunches can make you lose fat which is totally absurd. If you want to lose fat you have to combine exercises with very good diet which is low on fat and high on fiber this will help you lose fat and tone your body. So here is how you will combine crunches with good diet to help you lose fat.

Doing crunches is a very good exercise for our belly. it shapes up the belly and is very good in shaping up a 6 pack ab belly. Doing crunches need a good effort from the person who is doing it, there are also many kinds of crunch exercises like the basic crunches where we just try to lift out head up to our knees while sitting down straight, plus a side crunch and a reverse crunches can also be done. All of them have a good body toning impact.

If you do around 30 minutes of crunches at a good pace you will shed out around 150 calories normally which is quite helpful in reducing fat body fat content and getting you in shape. What crunches will do is tone the body muscle that is lying at the stomach area and once we control out fat intake and have a good dietary plan we will see abs forming up and normally we will lose the fat in this area.

A good diet plan which is more based on fiber, which is mainly present in green leafy vegetables and less content of fat. So a good vegetable based diet which help to lower the fat in the body and simultaneously get into shape due to the heavy workout that you will be doing. Primarily the crunches will get you fat belly in shape provided you are also having a good diet plan. If you thinking of losing fat by only ding crunches well that is not possible. But the combination that i have briefed to some extent can help you not only lose fat from your belly but overall body and also get into a good body shape.

I will be soon uploading good number of crunching exercises to get you 
started. This article is just providing you a thought of how you can lose fat and also get in shape at the same time.