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Thursday, September 20, 2012

How Push Ups Can Change Your Body

Hello guys, well you must have seen many body building champs doing 100's of push ups. The main reason behind it as that it has a lot of impact on shaping up of your body by burning up the calories at a very fast rate. A work out of around 40-50 minutes will make you lose 400 calories, well that is a good amount of fat which will be burned off your body. Continuous practice will yield high results like build up of muscles around stomach, chest, arms etc. Professional people dedicate special time everyday and do push ups in order. You will feel fresh and energetic day by day as you go along the process.

Well one part of it that you commonly must have seen that men doing push ups and having great physique and nice toned muscles. Well its very beneficial for the body development and that is the main reason you see body builders doing it much. But what about women, is it good for them and i don't know how many of my readers who are females do it. Yes is is very beneficial for females also and in fact i have myself seen many females and have heard many that it gives them a lot of strength. Many women do it after pregnancy to get back their strength and it has been very effective. Its an old style of exercise but it really works well.

If you start doing push ups you may not even be able to do one on the first day but gradually your strength level will increase and you will score higher after few weeks. In case of fat loss it is very effective because it is a cardiovascular exercise and it burns out your extra calories which are stored in your body as extra fat. When you do push ups it burns out around 400 calories in 40-50 minutes. Thus giving you a slimmer and fit body which fat free.

In order to perform a basic push up you have to face towards the ground with your palms holding your upper body and your toes holding your lower body and then moving yourself  up and down in proper sets. However there various variations that you can do in order to strengthen various parts of your body. So start doing now and have a better and healthy life.


  1. good sport beatiful is fitness body thnks

    1. yeah one should be athletic to have a better juvenile life.

  2. Pushups are one of the most effective exercise. I do them for a long time already and get great muscles.

  3. Great article. And when you get more proficient with normal pushups, you can increase the difficulty by adding an incline, decline or even weights. Never stop progressing!