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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fat Body Can Lead To Depression

Can fat body and  being overweight lead to depression, yes it can. This is one of the adverse effects of fat body or we can say being over weight. As we know everyone of us is concerned about how we look and we think are we presentable in a party, in front of the guests. Well all these questions murmur in your ear before the occasion because you want to look good. And God forbid if you are fat you will be thinking 10 times more than the normal person about it, which will also cause emotional imbalance.

So it can create a kind of depression if your body continues to grow fatty and overweight.  This will very much diminish your personality and you will feel a little downgraded in itself  thus complicating problems for you. I have a very clear experience about this issue of feeling discomfort when others are present if you are fat or have some other problems which hamper your personality of what it could be without it. One of my friends who was fat on his belly, used to always ask me, how am i looking if we had to go to college or anywhere else. 

He confessed it to me that he was obsessed with his belly fat and is very worried of how he could lose it. I suggested him many ways like joining the gym and being more active but he was more kind of lazy person who after few days of work out in the gym left it. So the fat is staying on his belly and as you know one cannot lose fat by just simple relaxing on the bed and his worrying is increasing with the passing day.

These were the some behavioral changes that can occur in a person if he or she is fat, this is a kind of depression while other person who is fit and healthy feels more energetic and confident while being with others, so there is the difference.

In order to start having some change in your body you must start working out and follow a good diet plan and do good number of exercises which can make you lose fat. Its never late to lose fat so get started to save yourself from these adverse effects.


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