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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Burn More Calories Lose More Fat

The biggest hurdle to lose fat at a constant pace is to have a regular schedule and work out regularly but most of the people find it difficult due to extra work from the office or may be some work in the home or you may be partying with the friends at odd times which in return disturbs your workout schedule. But you should be prepared for these instances even if some odd happenings make you cheat on your work out schedule, you should be ready to lose extra calories on regular days. how do we do it, here is how.

Fat on your body brings out weight on you, a bulging stomach or fatty legs or other parts of the body are overwhelmed with fat. The extra weight will make you tired easily even when you do simple workouts. There is a good advantage and also an disadvantage to it and it depend son you which one you would like to choose. First the advantage is that the extra weight will make you lose fat early because of the extra pressure (burden) you body is carrying.

 Due to being over-weight you will burn more calories than a person who is a little less fatty than you. So there you have an edge if you work hard on it and rigorously you will lose fat very soon and then it will become you habit to work out rigorously which enhance the speed of fitness of your body. Disadvantage is that you will become tired easily and may quit workout early than expected. So primary aim is how much focused and determined you are in achieving you aim.

You can also add up weight on your waist by tying a belt with some weight on it, if you are more dedicated and want to lose more quickly then its one of the best options that i would suggest. Working out hard and burning out calories will make you lose fat as quickly as possible.

You can also add up fasting two days a week which highly boost your results, you may feel like i am stopping you from everything, let me tell you if you want to boost out results which many of you dream then this is the way to do it.


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