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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lose Fat With Eat More Weight Less

Lose Fat With Eat More Weight Less Diet

Dean Ornish who is an MD and is known for his methodology for the reversal of blockage to heart.  It has paved way for his fame and this was to be known impossible before Dean Ornish made it possible to reverse the heart blockage.  Ornish claims that his diet eat more and weight less is not like other diets who have empty promises but his diet will leave an everlasting impact on your body and his diet will be the starting journey towards a healthy life which is without the fear of obesity or fat.
Ornish has a very good about his diet plan, what he means by eat more and weight less.  Most of you out there would have thought that it is not possible to lose weight by eating more. Well it is possible at least by Ornish’s diet plan. The diet plan emphasizes to eat high fiber food and also keeping in view that you are consuming a low fat food items with it. This is an incredible way of losing weight and gaining muscles.
Fiber is a very important constituent of vegetables and fruits. It gives you a full belly thus you don't feel hungry which in turn leads to stoppage of your cravings. Further leading it to loss of weight which is much needed for you and that what you have been looking for. Fiber is a very important factor . Fiber not only helps you in losing fat but also helps in proper digestion of food. Fiber makes the passage of waste easy from your body thus leading leading your body to a better and healthy outlook.
You have also keep in mind about low fat food items, though are taking high fiber foods but on the other hand if you consume fat rich products. Fiber wont have effect in making you lose fat. Infact you will gain weight and you will think as if this whole diet plan is just like others who don't have any effect.  Though everyone needs fat in his or her body but excess will lead to obesity and weight gain.
Ornish is very positive about his diet and has the opinion that if one follows it stringently he will not be disappointed. You just have to keep in mind about these two aspects, one being the high fiber food and other the restriction of fat rich food items.

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