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Saturday, April 2, 2011

How Teens Can Lose Belly Fat

Hello dear readers. Today I am here to tell you how teens can reduce belly fat. The fattiness has become very common in young generation from the age of thirteen onwards. Today’s teens are getting attracted to junk foods as these foods are very tasty and a type of craze in young generation to get out to Mc Donald’s or Pizza hut. But taking these kinds of junk foods are very harmful knowing the fact that these foods are very tasty. So this article is for the teens who want to get rid of extra fat surrounding their belly.
In early times teen age people used to do lot of exercises in their farms but today’s generation are lethargic. As they don’t bother to even go for physical exercises, this results in overweight. Today’s teen people also travel in cars to short distances as at early times most of the people used to cross miles by walking. Walking increases the metabolism of the body and hence consumes fat for the working of the body. Young children used to go for school on bicycles, which is also lost with time. Now they also go by bus.
So to differentiate between the present and early times you can yourself suggest which one is the best. The exercises is very useful for our body so that our body to maintains the metabolism. Here are some tips that will definitely help you in losing fat.
1.      Let us follow the same procedure which our parents used to follow at early times, they used to walk for small as well as long distances, but today’s generation should also start from walking. If you have to go to friends home, go on bicycle.
2.      You should go for swimming and dancing, this helps to keep the metabolism of the body. This helps in reducing fat.
3.      Swimming is the perfect exercise to lose fat, as it involves all body parts to be in motion.
4.      There is another advice for you that don’t go out for junk foods, as these junk foods are really harmful for the body. These junk food contains liquid cheese which gives us four days of energy at a time, where does the energy go inside, it just transform it into fats.
5.      Go out for a gym, or on weekends plan a trip with parents to go out for a tracking.
6.      Last but not least keep your mind ready for anything to do, go out in your garden and consume some calories either in gardening or skipping.
These are those points which guarantee you to reduce fat in just  a month. If you try to follow these simple steps you will yourself observe that you have reduced fat. And definitely you will look smart by reducing fat. So guys best of luck.

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