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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fat Burning Foods.

Every kind of food that helps or promotes the burning of more calories than the calories content of the food itself is a ‘Fat Burning Food’.
If you go on skipping your meals and eat untimely, it slows your metabolic activities and thus increasing the chances of deteriorating your health even more.
There are a number of foods which burn more calories than the food itself contains, thus enhancing the digestion of body fat. All these foods are natural and when you eat such foods, along with doing some exercises, you are guaranteed to lose fat and acquire a slim and trim body. This is because of the reason that it stimulates your metabolism and burns more calories more rapidly. A brief list of fat burning foods is given below:
Apples: apple is rich in pectin which is responsible to restrict the fat absorption by the cells and also enhances the water absorption. Apples are also a good supplement of antioxidants, which prevents many metabolic syndromes and thus enhances the metabolism.
Beans: beans are a high supplement of protein sans any fat in them. Proteins are required to build muscles, which burn calories at a higher rate than the fat cells. So even a small build of muscles can really help you put off some fat.
Oatmeal: now this is an awesome food. It fills your stomach satisfying your hunger without adding any fat or carbohydrates to your body, thus your body relies more on the stored body fat for energy and nutrition, digesting more of it every time.
Olive Oil: olive oil is a good substitute to the ordinary cooking oil, though a little expensive, but it should not bother health cautious people. It burns fat and keeps a check on your cholesterol level.
Tuna: this fish meat is very less in fat. So, every time you eat it as a substitute to the ordinary high fat content fish, you are sure to rejoice for not having consumed any more calories. Tuna reduces the content of leptin in your body, and also boosts your metabolism. Thus it helps burning your stored body fat.
Green Vegetables: green vegetables are high in water, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, but at the same time they have a zero content of fats and cholesterol. Thus without supply anymore additional fat and cholesterol content to your body, they fill your stomach, enhance your metabolism and promote fat digestion and greasing of digestive track of your body.
So, try to introduce every such kind of food in your diet, and replace the older food with their respective substitutes if any.

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