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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Belly Fat Cure Solution

Well another great diet plan is out in the market claiming to reduce up to 9 pounds every week. Though today people are finding it very hard to reduce their belly fat but i see a lot of diet plans out there who are claiming a lot. The market of diets has really been going up and we usually copy our celebrities. We do things without going much into the fact. Today the belly fat cure diet is very popular but lets look on the factual part of it and lets see how it can help us to lose fat.
The celebrity fitness trainer Jorge Cruise in her book claims to have found out a new diet which can help people to lose fat. Jorge who  has to his name other diets also. The diet stresses on to leave the high processed carbs and sugar and off course the diet gives us the freedom to enjoy whatever we wish except the two. Jorge says that the latest researches in the field of food and medicine have finally given him the solution to the problems of a large community all over the globe. The rate of fatty people is increasing day by day and it is becoming really stressful for those to survive in this world of utter competition.
We are allowed to eat proteins, vegetables and fats. Though we should take care not to take in excess. Otherwise it will result in the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. You are advised to drink a minimum of ten glasses of water daily. This will boost the metabolism inside our body. More the metabolism more fat will go off from your body. You are advised not to have pure fruit juices as they are bad for your belly. So guys that's all from my side, now its your turn.

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