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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lose Fat By Eating Some Food Items

Hello everyone. Today i will enlighten you with certain food items which will help you in losing fat. You may be thinking that how can eating food help in losing fat instead it should increase.  But the logic behind it is that certain food items increase the metabolism rate inside our body which makes us to lose fat quickly. By increasing the metabolism it increases the rate of combustion of the internal fat that is stored in our body. So these food items accelerate the rate of metabolism inside our body. I am listing some food items which help in achieving such results.
Lemon, lime, guava, grape fruit, tangerines, tomatoes etc food items are very helpful in burning your fat. They are rich in vitamin c and vitamin c has a tendency to burn fat inside our body.
Nuts are also helpful in losing fat. You should increase the intake of nuts and you will gradually notice that you are losing fat by eating good number of nuts.
Apples are also helpful in losing fat. They have some constituents which makes us lose fat. It has been wisely said ‘ an apple a day keeps doctor away’. So do increase the intake of apples, they are tasty and that wont hurt your diet, in fact it will  add to your taste.
Green tea is widely now used as fat reducing agent. Its origins lie in China. It is very helpful in losing fat. You can have a cup in the morning and one cup in the evening. This will have a great affect on your health and you will see a gradual loss in the fat content of your body.
Chillies, cardamom, honey, curry leaves are also helpful in losing fat. So guys take these tips seriously and add up these food items to your meals to lose fat. Take care.

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