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Friday, March 18, 2011

Belly Fat Causes Diseases.

All the fat we see accumulating around the internal organs in the stomach region, making our body ‘pear shaped’ is the belly fat. Many diseases are caused by this belly fat. The ‘pear shaped’ bodies are victim to more diseases, reason being the belly fat.
What Makes Belly Fat So Disease Causing?
Belly fat contains blood vessels and cells, which are highly capable of making hormonal secretions, causing many ailments and inflammations. Belly fat secretes toxic hormones, like Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha, Resistin, Cytokines and Leukine L-6, etc. these cause many diseases in humans.
Which Diseases Does Belly Fat Cause?
Belly fat causes many diseases, and the most harmful ones are heart attack, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver and liver cancer, pulmonary diseases, acid reflux, back pain, stress, depression, constipation, fibroid, infertility, ulcers, body weakness, gout and the like. All these diseases are the life span reducing diseases, which means they tend to make your life shorter.
How Belly Fat Is Associated With Heart Disease?
The most precise reason of belly fat’s association with causing the heart problems though eludes the scientists, but some recent surveys shows that there exists a link, in fact a direct link between the two. The belly fat has been found to cause Atherosclerosis, which is the stiffening, and narrowing of the blood vessels, by the accumulation of plague along the walls blood vessels, causing a restriction to the blood flow and formation of blood clots.
Migraine And The Belly Fat
According to the studies by various scientists, obese people are reported to suffer from migraine more, than other people. Migraine risk is affected by the fat distribution, age and gender. People falling in the age group of 20-50 and with a larger waist line are more likely to suffer than the people with smaller waist line.
How Diabetes Is Related To Belly Fat?
Excess of the belly fat is associated with causing disorders with the body’s response towards insulin. It has been proven that the visceral fat causes insulin resistance, leading to diabetes.
Belly Fat Is Carcinogenic
As the science continues to innovate and progress, newer facts are being revealed too. Scientists have been success in proving the fact of belly fat being carcinogenic as it leads to the inflammation, which causes cancer and ageing.
Now we see how many syndromes may afflict you if you are a victim of obesity. However, if the matter is taken into consideration early, you can save yourself from any such disease, making your life healthy. So, it is better to wear off that all extra fat and start living healthy.

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