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Sunday, March 13, 2011

How Breathing Exercise Helps To Reduce Fat

Breathing is very important for our survival, without breathing we cannot survive. And breathing exercises also help in losing fat. Here in this article were i will tell you what are the various breathing steps by which you will reduce fat. The fat which is accumulated on our stomach looks very bad, in fact it now is turning to be the most disgusting things of ones life.
So here i will tell you how to reduce fat by breathing. To reduce belly fat, it is very important to be active. Breathing exercises burn’s maximum of your calories. Along with reducing fat you will also reduce tension, stress, build muscles and many more. Yoga is one of the exercises to reduce fat, it involves those breathing styles and exercises that helps in losing stomach fat.
 Most of us don’t breath well, it is important to fill lungs full with air. Breathing exercise helps reduce weight, relaxes your peace of mind, and controls many strains. Yoga contains special methods of breathing techniques and special body postures which are very helpful in losing fat, and have a flat belly.
Breathing exercise can perform any one, it dosen’t look on the age, sex and body weight. You need to perform these exercises in the morning in your garden. There are many ways by which u can perform these yoga exercises.  Yoga  is considered as a meditation, so provides us inner peace also.
Ø  You need to sit on the ground and take a deep breath hold for ten to twenty seconds and then leave it. Continue the process for ten minutes daily.
Ø  Lie on stomach and keeps your hands under your shoulders.
Ø  Lie on the ground stomach should be downside to the ground, and then push yourself backwards using your back muscles, without applying your hands.
Ø  In the same position make a bow like exercises and while doing all these steps you have to take a deep breath and hold it for maximum ten seconds and then you can breathe out.
Ø  Pull the head backward as much as you can.

As we all know air is the main source for our survival. The extra air you take in your lungs, the more energy the body needs to store it inside in the lungs. While taking a lot of air inside causes a chemical reaction inside our body that helps to burn more calories. Yoga is the best way to reduce fat, and you will remain with a six pack or a perfect body shape.

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