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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Burn Visceral Fat and Look Slimmer

Are you confused with what is this visceral fat all about? Do you feel it complicate to lose fat, that you have acquired? Do not worry at all! “Healthy Living” has pledged it to make all the people fat free and we hope to see a world in the near future that is no longer a home to dumb asses, obese, lazy  fat guys, but where all are physically fit and active.
Now, what this visceral fat is? Here we go to answer it. Visceral fat is very different from other body fats. It is also known as intra-abdominal fat, which refers to the fat surrounding internal organs. It is very hard to lose this form of fat, however, not impossible with “Healthy Living” and your cooperation.
What are the effects of visceral fat on our health?
Research shows that visceral fat is dangerous and is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, stroke, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Abdominal visceral fat causes a failure of liver and its interference in the treatment of cholesterol and insulin. Thus, more visceral fat in the body, the more will be the potential for further development in diseases or conditions that can cause death.

What are the benefits of losing visceral fat?
The loss of visceral fat reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes, by making a decrease in the insulin immunity of body. Also reduces the risk of heart attack and other cardiac syndromes. In addition to these benefits, losing of visceral fat makes your body slimmer, trimmer and healthier.

What are the ways of losing visceral fat?
Visceral fat lose is assured by a proper diet plan and some regular and sufficient exercises. Healthy living provides the following best ways to reduce the quantity of visceral fat from your body.

Here we have four important and effective methods of reducing visceral fat. We call it a “tetra-dose”, as it comprises of four tips. Here we go:

1.      Requirement to regularly exercise: The best way to burn visceral fat is a combination of weight training and aerobic exercise. Perform some aerobic exercise almost daily, as it can reduce abdominal fat. Visceral fat is a form of energy stored in your body, and to get rid of it, one requires to do some energy demanding activities, like push-ups, crunches, etc. So, guys initiate to do some exercises.

2.      Eat Right Diet:  With the increasing age, one needs to decrease its consumption of fats and calories and very precautions of what it eats. One needs not to stop taking proteins and other vital nutrients. This keeps your immune system well and you stay healthy.

3.      Avoid stress eating: This means avoid food cravings, such as high content sugar foods, cheese, cream, butter and oils. Also try reducing the number of meals a day. Reduce the fat content of your meals and increase the salad content.

4.      Drink Water: It is the most vital item one needs to consume. Water enhances the liver function by reducing its efforts it directs towards kidneys. For more use details on reducing fat by water, refer to our post here>

So guys don’t worry, we at Healthy Living, consider our readers a part of our “Healthy Living” happy family, and help our readers by both, support and information on keeping healthy and living healthy. Just follow our tips to reducing visceral fat, and surely you will reduce it. ‘Together we can.’

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