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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Raw Diet Helps In Losing Fat

How Raw Diet Helps In Losing Fat:

Living diet is also known as Raw diet, you might be thinking raw diet must contain having raw vegetables only. There are not only salads in raw diets, but fruits also. Although cooking foods can also destroy enzymes, because the cooked food is sometimes very harsh for your belly. Some foods can’t be eaten raw such as beans, wheat, and potatoes.
  Although you will see how fruits and vegetables help us in loosing fat. The first point that comes in our mind is how it will effect in loosing fat. Yes these raw foods are high fibre diet, and are very low in fat and calories. These are rich in vitamins such as A, B and C, and also some minerals. And it is better if we take raw food rather than making it in a juice form. 

Taking it in a juice form is healthy, but the actual thing we will lose is the fibre of the food. Fibre is helpful in lot of ways, like it helps the passage of the waste through our intestines smoothly. Researchers say that it is better to take raw food rather than cooked. Because while cooking our food, we are killing the essential nutrients that keeps us healthy and alive. 

Our body needs Enzymes for metabolism and these enzymes are present in the raw foods. While we cook the food the essential enzymes get removed and the body has to use some of its own digestive enzymes.    Enzymes are very particular, they can’t tolerate heat. By cooking we are spoiling the goodness of food. Only humans cook food, others take it in a raw form.   
Enzymes act as a catalyst in hundreds of chemical reactions that took place in our body. And are essential for digestion, absorbing and converting food into energy.  Enzymes produce energy at cellular level and are important for most of the metabolic activities taking place inside our body at every moment. Many of the foods are fully fibre and by cooking these foods removes out these essential nutrients.
A raw food is a low calorie diet, and is rich in many nutrients. By taking these foods are the best way to lose fat. Raw foods are some of the best diets in loosing fat. We don’t have to go 100% raw but you have to take some low calorie foods.  Low calorie diets are highly helpful in reducing fat. By taking low calorie foods the the inner fat that is in our body gets utilised for many  purposes. Whenever our body needs energy to do work if we are eating low calorie diets then take it for granted that the fat inside your body is getting burned for energy. So you will definitely loose weight and have slim, fit body with no fat.

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