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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fasting Makes You Lose Fat Quickly

Hi there. Well you might have heard of fasting, it means to be hungry for certain period of time. It is really helpful for people who want  to burn their fat and reduce weight. Losing fat will be much easier than going on diets with this activity of fasting.  Fasting is also practiced for religious purposes and spiritual purposes. The Muslim religion Islam practices fasting and is obligatory for Muslims to do fasting for one complete month. It has lot of health benefits. 

Take care of minerals and vitamins. You should have good amount of nutrients , do take a lot of vegetables and fruits. It will enrich your body with enough fiber, vitamins and minerals. Keep away from high carb foods and fatty food items. These items will take you back were you were and you will not lose any fat. Keep your food more green rather than meaty. Do not take heavy meal for fasting because then fast will not give you good results even no results in some cases.  The meal you take for fasting does matter and has a lot of effect on your fast.
You should take according to what you want to achieve. If you want to lose fat then you have to take a meal that's less on carb and less on fat. Do take enough water before you go on complete fast because you will feel thirsty during the fast time. Some can drink water if they wish to but don't go on to eating food items, that will make your fast a weak fast and that fast wont have any effect on you. After fasting for a week or 10 days you will see a lot of difference in your body. You weight would have come down and your fat would have been burned up a lot.
From my point of view i suggest you should go on a complete fast not even allowing yourself to drink water and you will see a lot of change in yourself. Go for fast from dawn to dusk and in weeks time losing fat will no longer be a dream for you.Take care.

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