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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Some Special Tips On How To Lose Fat

Envying that slim looking person walking down next to you? Why can’t I be like him/her?  You seem
to be trying out everything possible to shed some weight, but have not come to realize that. Don’t
fret over this thought for too long, for you could be on your way to losing some of your fat once you
try out some of the tips that are given.

1) Follow regular exercise pattern: You might be thinking that this what all say. But do you know that there is something called ‘brown fat’ that everyone has which is good fat as it has mitochondria, which helps to generate heat. It’s the white fat that we need to concentrate on. You would have hear that exercise helps to burn fat and its scientifically proven as well. So what do you need to do? Exercise just ‘half an hour’ every day for at least five days a week. It surely helps to burn out.

2) Take Vitamin D: Wondering how this nutrient is going to help? A daily dosage of this Vitamin helps to shed some pounds. Studies have shown that people on weight loss program and given daily dosage of this Vitamin had shown remarkable results. Research showed that Vitamin D boosts the effectiveness of hormone, leptin, which actually signals the brain that ‘stomach is full’. As Vitamin D is not easily obtained from food, physicians advise on taking Vitamin D3 supplement.

3) Hold on to your willpower: You go shopping and there are lots of temptations that probably you cannot resist. The sight  of French fries, chocolate milk shake, creamy cupcakes surely is something that are craving to have. But you will need to make a commitment towards your body weight reduction.  Sometimes, there could be instance where you would indulge in satisfying your friends during a gathering or party like having dessert at the end.  In such instances be bold to say that you do not intend to have one. So, exercise your self- control and discipline over yourself.

4) Chew your food: Most of the time you would have noticed that we eat quickly which means that large quantities of food goes inside. Chewing seems to release hormone that suppress appetite. So the more you chew your food, the more food is broken down thereby releasing the nutrients to the body signalling the brain that you are full.

5) Sip diet drug: Heard of this diet drug? It’s nothing but green tea. This magic drink has a compound that reduces fat absorption.  Besides reducing fat absorption, it also helps in eliminating it. Whenever you feel like having a cup of tea, think ‘green tea’.

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