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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Side Crunches And Its Benefits

Hello guys, well many of the exercises that we do are highly regarded as effective. One of the exercises is side crunches which is able to remove belly fat and give you a new shaped body. What ever form of crunches we do it needs a lot of effort and continuity to see very good results. Plus don't strain your neck. Just be gentle with your body and you will slowly start transforming the shape of your body especially the belly area. You will feel them in the days to come if you continue the workout and the fat layers will wear out from your belly thus not only making you lose fat but also making your body to go into full shape.

Lets see how to do it:

  • Place a exercise mat on a flat surface preferably floor or a garden. Lie down and your face should be towards the ceiling or the sky and bend the knees while the feet touching the ground.
  • Place your hands behind your head but do not try to push hard but be gentle so that there will be no strain on your neck and you will start slow and after making it a daily routine, you will improve.
  • Now raise your head up gently and don't give too much pressure to your neck.
  • Now move your head to the right while keeping it in air. You will feel a lot of hard work going on plus slowly you will feel tiredness.
  • After moving your head to the right bring it back to the original position and now move it to the left side so that toning is done the left also. It will tone your lower handles and burn out excess calories thus making you lose fat and side by side it will also trim your body and get it in full shape.

After 2-3 weeks you will definitely feel a change in you belly fat and feel more muscular and energetic in your body. This is a good exercise which can help you lose fat as well as get into good shape.

Here i have give an easy to use tool also which can greatly help you in doing crunches efficiently without putting pressure on your neck or spine.

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