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Monday, September 3, 2012

How Watermelon Juice Can Help To Lose Fat

Yes guys its true. Many of the fat loss aspirants know that many of the fruits contain such vitamins and minerals which can help us in losing fat. Like orange, lemon, grapes etc can also help in making us lose fat. How is it possible, well it is possible due to their chemical composition. Orange and lemon contains citrus acid which burn fat. In the same manner watermelon contains an amino acid known as arginine which is capable of making us lose fat, well you might be thinking how. Now i will shed some light about arginine scientific facts. 

Watermelon as well as peanut butter contain good amounts of arginine. Arginine helps in keeping metabolism at high level which makes it burn the fat rather than keeping it as stored fat. Basically it helps muscle to utilize the calories which end up as stored fat to burn them and get utilized in muscular work plus it does not support to increase any hormone which is harmful for us like thyroid hormones, stress hormones etc.So not only in one aspect it is helping us rather it is helping in many aspects. It also helps in blood circulation which is another benefit from the cardiovascular aspect.

Arginine benefits have been published in good magazines like 'American Journal Of physiology Endocrinology And Metabolism' and also published in 'Journal Nutrition Biochemistry' in which it was clearly published that arginine intake produces nitric oxide in the body which lowers the fat content in the body. May of the fruits and nuts contain good amount of arginine in them like watermelon, peanut butter, hazelnuts, walnuts,almonds cashews etc.

However a supplementary intake can also be taken to speed up the process of losing fat and it should be strictly done under the supervision of a physician.

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