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Sunday, September 9, 2012

How To Lose Fat With Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice is yet another drink that help to make you lose fat. Basically the contents of vegetable juice are high in vitamins and minerals and have relatively very less calorie content. Vegetable juice though may not occur so eye catching to you but it is very good health drink which can, not only make you lose fat but also have much good health impression. It is better to drink vegetable juice either before a meal or after a meal you can keep it to a limit of one glass per day to help you lose fat.

According to the recent study done in Pennsylvania University it says that taking one glass of vegetable juice before a meal will help you lose around 135 calories daily which is quite significant in a  broader perspective to lose fat. Another study which was done at  Baylor College of Medicine Texas USA , the whole experiment was funded by a company of vegetable juice manufacturers called as V8. In this experiment two groups were given normal diet and one group was given an  extra of vegetable juice after the meals to notice any changes in fat loss or weight loss.

 Their meals were kept on low fat and more fiber and vegetable based, both the groups were having same food types to eat. After 4 weeks of experimentation that results were good for those who has kept a regular intake of one glass of vegetable juice as they had lost extra 4 pounds of weight. Vegetable juice has been helpful in losing fat as you can see from the studies however don't try to think to replace your vegetable intake by just vegetable juice because vegetable juice cant give you that fiber which is going into your body from regular intake of vegetables which is also helpful in losing fat.

Plus vegetable juice is also very rich in vitamins and minerals thus taking care of many other parts of your body. So just try it you will not only lose but gain many other health benefits.

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