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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Alarming Rise In Obese People In USA,Mexico And UK

There has been an alarming rise in the obese number of people all around the globe but the most numbers are found in United States, Mexico and United Kingdom. The situation now is worst, the people are facing a lot of difficulty in their daily lives, huge body weight has lead to an alarming problems in their lives. Same countries were normally doing in case of obese people ratio but certain factors has lead to the enormous rise in obese people numbers and has involved high percentage of population, now streets are filled up with huge fat laden people than what we could see a decade ago.

Here are the top three contenders for the most number of obese people in the world:
  • United States has 30.6% obese people out of the total population and is the worst hit by this health problem. Its people are rising in numbers in the group of obese people. Why is it so that United States have the most number of obese people in the world, i will detail out why later on in this article.
  • Mexico has 24.2% obese people out of the total population which is also quite enormous. This is the second worst hit country in the world with the problem of obesity. Its people are very much desperate about knowing how and why is it happening to them, well i say to them don't worry as i know the reason behind it which will be detailed out in the last section of this article.
  • United Kingdom has 22.4% obese people out of the total population. This is the third worst hit country with the problem of obesity.

Now that i have listed out the three main countries that have most number of people as compared to other countries as obese. Where does the problem lie,how are we the country having most number of obese people, this might be the question rising inside my readers. Well i will list out basic foundation stones to the alarming rise of obesity problem in these countries.

Reasons behind the problem of obesity in these countries and the treatment for obesity:
  • The main reason behind the problem of obesity in these countries is the kind of food they are taking now. Just ponder over this statement for a while and you will find that there has been a huge shift of people from regular home made food to junk food intake. You might know that the junk food is main reason for obesity in people because in contains high amount of calories which make you fat because you cannot burn up the amount of calories that you are taking in which is leading for you to become fat  or you can say obese.
  • Solution: This problem has a simple solution that is shift back to the previous menu that you were having before  a decade when there were very less people obese and even if there were obese they would have been more from genetic disorders. So just simple try to consume more healthy food that is home made rather than that food which will make you obese.
  • Laziness has been another factor is making people fat or obese. Laziness because people now even if they have to go a mile they will go by a car rather than old days where they used to go on foot which burned up the calories and didn't let the fat remain on your belly and kept you slim. You never knew the word obesity those days. Now that people have much comforts like cars and bikes they are having more problems in their life whether it be obesity of back problems because walking on foot also strengthened our back and we had less problems in our back also.
  • Solution: Here also we have a simple solution which is totally based on your will power and that is taking the option of going by foot when you just have to go a mile or two. This will highly benefit you not in terms of burning fat but also has various other health benefits. So ball is in your court you want to have a good body that is in good shape and not obese then you have to follow what i am saying.
  • Less work out is another reason for pouring in more number of obese people in the current scenario. As in old days we were working hard and we didn't have much health problems we used to go by foot and prefer doing things on our own driving out energy from our body. Now that we have advanced equipment for workout but still we have much more number of obese people than we has in previous years it is all because our daily life has changed. We need to take a step back or we will fall in much greater troubles in case of health. 
  • Solution is much clearer that we have to work out much harder and we have to change our daily life if we want to be fit. We have to watch out what we are eating and drinking, a gradual change in lifestyle will help greatly in reducing the numbers of obese people in your country.


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