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Monday, August 20, 2012

Lose Belly Fat With Yoga Exrecises

There was a time when the nature was not so polluted as it is now and so were the people very healthy. Less prone to health problems because of the diet was so natural, no mixture of additives or any stuff that begets problems. That time we used natural ways to live the best of life, everything was so natural and pure. Let me come to the main aim of our blog and that is to lose fat with the help of good diet and workout. Yoga a methodological way of exercising our body can be the best way to lose fat from our body especially the belly fat. I will brief you about the yoga exercise of how you have to perform it so that you can lose fat from your tummy.

This yoga exercise is known as Standing Side Stretch and it mainly focuses on your fat tummy and makes us lose fat quickly.
1: Stand up straight calm and relaxed moving your breath slowly out and in.
2: Now stretch your legs out with putting much pressure on your lower abdomen area or leg joints.
3: Your hands should be placed on the side of your thighs.
4: Now slowly raise one arm up and stretch your upper body slowly as much as possible.
       This part of the exercise will put pressure on your lower abdomen or we can say belly and stretch it
       out and it will work as a crunch thus lower the belly fat if done regularly.
5: Remember to keep you legs affixed at one position.
6: Now keeping the posture for few minutes return back to your normal posture and repeat with other arm. Do it regularly for 15 mins on daily basis and it will yield high results on lowering your belly fat.

Using yoga exercises to lose fat has highly benefited the people all around the globe and has shown very good results in shorter periods. So i will highly suggest to use these exercises to lose fat.

I will be uploading more yogic exercises which can highly boost the results and ease off your tensions with regard your body fat.

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