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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can We Lose Fat By Drinking Water

Well my article heading throws a question to all minds, can drinking water really help us to lose fat from our body (fat belly or what ever part). The answer is yes it can if taken properly. Let me detail it to you.

Everyone must be thinking water is free and it can give us an easy way to lose fat but hard to believe. Here is how the magic of water takes on your body.The two organs that work side by side is liver and kidneys, kidneys have the main functionality with the filteration of water out of your body as urine. But when we drink inadequate water our kidneys don't function properly as they should be so its burdens the liver its co-worker.

One of the main function of liver is to burn our body fats but when its overburdened with other functions it does not burn the right amount of fat from your body whether it be your belly,thighs,face,back etc. So fat keeps accumulating on your body and soon you see yourself as a well grown fatty person. In order to burn fat from your body or lose fat from your body you have to keep adequate levels of water in your body so that your body terminates the extra levels of fat making you slim and fit. So drink good amount of water daily, doctors advise around 6-8 glasses of water daily to keep your skin as well as body problems away and the best benefit is that you will keep on reducing your body fat level.

Drink water before having a meal at least before half an hour prior to the meals this will keep you feel full in your belly and you will take less amount of food intake which will in turn result in less accumulation of fat on your body. The level appetite will decrease and you will not gain weight which is usually a cause from overeating. And all of it leads to much worst condition of having a bulging belly with overloaded fat on it.

Change your habits of intake. Usually we become thirsty a lot and we stop near a store and buy pepsi and other soft drinks for relinquishing it. But what we ignore is the resultant of it, these things will lead to extra consumption of calories and that's what you don't want because it will readily help in gaining weight on your body usually the belly part. So just if you stop by the store buy simple water not some thing that will add up to your fat problem.

So if you want to lose fat whether it be belly fat or any other part fat, just keep these things in mind it will help you thanks.

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