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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lose Fat With Eat This Not That Diet

Well the name to you may seem confusing but you will lose fat as has been promised by its authors David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding. They are of the opinion that if we check what we are consuming then we will be able to lose fat else we will keep our fat stagnant. The biggest problem now is the problem of fat and it doesn't concern a particular or specific country but globally.
Both the authors have exposed many  facts on diet plans and they have given counts for various food elements like sodium, fat, carbohydrate thus making it very easy to chose among the various food items. They have mentioned that its calories that play a very important role in making us fatty or slim. The more amount of calories in a food item leads to storage of those extra calories in our belly as fat, not only belly but other parts also.
 Thus making calories a crucial point in our food consumption. The  authors have exposed some of the highly concentrated calorie foods like the Outbacks’s Aussie cheese fries which has of about 3000 calories in it, thus making it the most hazardous calorie machine. Some other food items have also been disclosed and their affect on our health also. So stay out of those food items, a simple yet very important book to lose fat.
The book eat this not that is very easy to use, the food items that you are allowed to eat are shown on your left page and the right page contains the food items that you are not allowed to eat. Thus making it a very easy to use book. The basic idea behind the diet is choosing the right food item as your diet and staying out of reach of high calorie content food items.

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