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Monday, April 4, 2011

Ten Minutes Workout To Lose Fat

Hello everyone, today I will be giving exercise workout of only ten minutes who are really busy with their routine work. The ten minutes exercise will definitely reduce weight. So in this article I will be guiding you how you will be doing ten minutes exercise to keep you healthy and perfect through entire of your life.
What you need to do only is to spare ten minutes a day for doing exercises or workouts for a great looking body. Given below is a list of exercises which you have to do for ten minutes daily.
1.      Side bend: This side bend is for those who have fats from the side of the abdomen.
2.      V exercise: This exercise reduces fat from arms, abdomen and hips.
3.      Walking: Helps in removing fat from the legs.
4.      Stairs walking: This helps in loosing fat from abdomen and legs.
5.      Jogging: Increases stamina and also reduces stomach related problems.
6.      Crunches: It reduces the fat of your upper and lower abdomen.
7.      Yoga: It relaxes your mind.
Follow these steps and you will yourself see a slim and curved body. Also consult a doctor before going for a diet plan, so that you can reduce your weight quickly.
Tips that will lose fat:
1.      Consume juice rich in citric acid like orange and lemon.
2.      Consume lots of water.
3.      Consume products like milk.
4.      Eat a balanced diet.
5.      Take fibre diets.
6.      In the morning take honey and lemon with mild water.
1.      Avoid junk foods.
2.      Take less quantity of food.
3.      Consume less fried products.
4.      Don’t take alcohol.
5.      Avoid cheese and butter.
6.      Never consume colas and soda water.
7.      Do not over eat.
8.      Take fewer amounts of those products which are rich in carbohydrates.
9.      Don’t take chocolates.
10.  Fewer intakes of meat and sweets.
If you want to really want to get rid of fat follow these simple steps to reduce fat. These are the affordable ten minutes work outs. And anyone can afford these ten minutes for his health. So guys best of luck. 

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