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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Way To Healthy Living ‘Big Break Fast Diet’

The big breakfast diet composed by Daniela Jakubowicz  who is an MD had recently come out with this beautiful diet. This diet may amaze you with the fact that it totally doesn't focus on what you eat but what it focuses is the time you eat. According to Daniela it doesn't matter what we consume but what matters is that are we consuming in on proper diet so that we wont have a bulged out belly or a fatty overlook.
 The diet focuses on heavy breakfast that is the reason why it is called big breakfast diet. We need to take big breakfast in order to increase the metabolism rapidly inside our body. Daniela also focuses that we need to take the breakfast before 9 am and the big breakfast can be up to 900 calories.  Daniela is sure that you will lose weight or fat heavily if you follow the diet stringently. You can eat any food you wish taking into consideration that you should take some fiber food items and also some proteins food items with it.
This will make it a good food for your internals. Daniela is sure that in a month you will see huge change in your body, adding to his words that you can lose up to 30 pounds in a month. So guys i think all of us are willing to do that. You have to also keep in mind that only breakfast can be huge but you need to decrease the food intake in lunch and consider a dramatical decrease in dinner.
A good amount of protein breakfast and a gradual decrease in other two meals is necessary according to the big breakfast diet.  You can also have sweets and other cravings but don't do the too much of it. So best of luck guys i personally feel it good to be followed. Take care.

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