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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lose Fat By Taking Steam Bath

We can get fat loss through various means such as diet, exercise, supplements, and surgeries or through natural therapies. The sauna or steam bath is eligible to be counted among them. This is one of the safest methods and is often used to make the extra fat into the exact fat.
The sauna or steam bath is a very useful method for removing toxins from the body by causing profuse sweating. This is method of increasing metabolic rate incurs a weight loss to the body. People around the globe use this efficient method to lose fat, as it is cheap as well.
Requirements for sauna/steam bath
A separate chamber, solely and particularly designed for steam bath is required. It can be purchased from market for personal use or even constructed at home. However, if you cannot afford your own, there are a lot out there in the health clubs etc., offering sauna services to people and charging them for the same. This will be very helpful for you if you are fat and want to lose some pounds of weight. By doing it on regular basis you will find a definite change in your fattened areas.
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Methods and Precautions
1. One should take sauna or steam bath only ​​with an empty stomach.
2. One taking sauna, should down a glass of luke warm water and sit in the room naked or minimum clothes.
3. Also a cold damped towel should be wrapped around the head.
4. Regular sprinkling on head of cold water should be made, to avoid the rise of normal temperature of brain. This will keep you from fading.

5. The bath should continue for 15 minutes after the steam is let into the chamber and sufficient amount of perspiration is formed helping to burn out fat.

6. Balance and moderation should be done to avoid any problem. After quitting the bath, the body should be wiped with a dry towel and a cold bath should be done. Body feels light after a sauna it is because that you have sweated and beneath the skin lot of fat is burned down.

7. Regularity should be maintained with this procedure of losing fat, at least once a week should a steam bath be taken.

It is strictly advised for the people suffering from any cardiac issue, abnormally high or low blood pressure, and pregnant women to take steam bath.
One should discontinue the bath, if he/she feels nausea or unconsciousness. In such cases one should try to take cold air and wash his/her head with cold water.

It is helpful in making us lose fat or we can say lose weight because the steam burns up many calories of our body, you must have seen sauna belts claim to make you lose fat, how. Because they have same mechanism of heating up your belly which in turn heats up the fat and slowly and steadily you lose fat. Same way a sauna steam bath heats up your skin and fat lives just under you skin, makes you sweat and lose fat. You must have seen oily skin after steam bath well that is from you fatty skin and it definitely is helping in one way or the other to lose fat.


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