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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lose Belly Fat By Freezing Your Fat Cells

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is  going good with the diet plans and the tips that i have already provided you with. Today i will provide you a very new information on how to reduce fat by freezing fat cells. Yes guys its possible to lose fat by new technological methods like fat freezing. Zeltiq is the gel used to freeze you fat cells. It has been approved by FDA.
Lot of us feel very lazy while going for exercise or going for diet plans. So preferable methods for these kind of people is either liposuction or some other magical treatment. It is dream come true for such lazy persons. FDA has recently approved zeltiq treatment. In this treatment it is applied as gel on your fatty part, it can be your belly or any other body part. The best part is no workout.
After applying this gel the fat cells get destroyed internally and are reabsorbed. This way you lose fat quite easily. It will take some time to get your belly down. It may take up to two months. Your belly will feel numb giving you an  indication that the process is going on. Many people have achieved good results by this method. Though i will go for the natural process of losing weight because as you know chemicals are always reactive, so i will remain apart from going so.
The best way i think is going with natural ways of losing fat. You should go for aerobic exercises and muscle building exercises too this will not only make you lose fat but also make you muscle strong and it will add to your strength. I will also suggest you to go for a balanced diet and don't go for fat rich diets but prefer a balanced diet. A diet rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals this will help you in losing without much hectic work. So keep it up. Take care.


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