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Friday, March 25, 2011

How To Reduce Side Belly Fat

Hello everyone. Today I will be telling you about how you would lose side belly fat. Side belly fat occurs by many reasons, such as over eating, no exercise, unbalanced diet etc.  Often we don’t look towards our body and try to continue the same life style. So it is the time where you have to decide the best for you, you body is what you eat. So this is the right time where you have to decide for yourself, whether to continue what you are or you have to change yourself to be fit, slimmer, stronger and without side belly fat.
The first thing you have to decide that you want to reduce fat or you have to be what you are. The extra fat which is stored in our body can be removed by doing exercises and eating low calorie diet and adding to your knowledge that there are many possible ways to do that. Well the side belly fat can be reduced by the taking the following steps:

1.      You have to lot of rigorous exercises
2.      Do meditation regularly.
3.      Avoid junk foods like pizza and burgers.
4.      Avoid alcohol, soda water, and carbohydrate water.
5.      Consume nutritional diets.
6.      Consume those diets that are rich in vitamin c and omega 3.
7.       Consume diets that are high on fibre.
Consult a doctor or a dietician before having a proper diet plan. You need to join gym for regular exercises and in the gym consult gym coach he will guide you through different exercises.
There are lot of bad effects of side belly fat though we don't recognize them early as they become part of ours.
1.      Lazy or dizzy attitude.
2.      Low self confidence.
3.      Fattiness makes you look old.
4.      It gives birth to many diseases like heart disease, breath problem and other many problems.
So guys follow our guidelines to lose fat and it is guaranteed that you will reduce side belly fat over a certain period of time . 


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  2. My understanding of doing this is that due to that BELLY FAT DOES NOT HAVE ANY VAINS IN IT - which makes it imposible for blood stream to reach the fatty sources there to consume them (Thats why the belly fat resists to be burned out and lasts longer than other body fats), when some certain demage there is made, a body needs to develop a way to reach the damaged areas and clean that out .. when a body at a same time lacks an energy - voila - an energy source is finally found عملية بالون المعدة . After some belly punching sessions بالون المعدة, body may develop a circulation system there and burn the belly fat along your regular training. I dont have any prove for this, it is just my theory, I just begun this prctice few days ago, because I remembered when I was taking some self defense lessons some years back, each lesson was starting with this "unplesant" excercise (in pairs). A trainer was former boxer عملية البالون , so I think this is something a boxers have some experience with. I can say just from this few days experience I started now, Im positive about the effects, I can say my belly is for few days much warmer - which I hope is due to blood circulation, before that it was cold all the time even during ab trainings. Im trying to not hurt myself, always asking a friend in gym, when my abs are relaxed and tensed enough in a same time to punch me all over my abs for few minutes (2-3m) with increasing intensity - until I feel fine with the intensity. عملية بالون المعده في مصر