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Sunday, March 13, 2011

How To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week?

Year 2011, an era of speed, in which all the work demands speed, accuracy, and results. People today believe in doing things quick and with 100% results. We dwell in the era of ultra-technology and futuristic innovations in every field, be it medicine, education, technology or any other branch. So, why not losing fat very fast? Is it really possible to get rid of stubborn fat so speedily? Yes, of course, in-fact you can lose it in just 1 WEEK, and today in this vary post you will come to know the way to do so.
Here we go:
  1. Before going ahead with the strict course of losing calories, you need to record of your daily food diet. Now look at that and think your diet has needs to be completely changed, to make your body into a good shape. To have yourself assisted in planning your diet, read our post regarding managing your diet at
  2. Water; yes drink as much water as you can. A person’s body requires atleast 3 liters of water content every day. You must keep in mind that water regulates the body temperature and helps the kidneys to work more independently of liver. Liver digests fat in our bodies, and at the same time, has to help kidneys. Now if you drink more water, the liver’s need to help the kidneys, so that liver does the more of fat burning. For more information regarding water’s role in fat burning, refer to the post in our blog at
  3. Refine your diet and add more fruits, vegetables and fiber foods to it. These foods have a low content of fat, but at the same instance are high in vital minerals and vitamins. These foods make you avoid hunger by filling your stomach and at the same time without adding any more fat to your body. To know more about role of fruits and vegetables, see this post
  4. Manage your sleeping period. As prescribed by the doctors, a person should limit its sleep to a maximum of 8 hours. Try to maintain your sleeping period within those hours of prescription. Work more and sleep less. This helps your body to lose fat by continuous workouts.
  5. Avoid foods such as, cream, cheese, butter, sugar and oil content as a way to avoid. Also try to reduce the number of meals per day. Reduce the fat content of meals and increase the content of your salad.
Follow these secrete tips and see the speedy results in just a weeks’ time. Believe me you are going to love it!!!

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