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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Habits Lead To Fat Belly

Hello everyone. All of us know that our habits keep us on track or lead us to a wrong direction. Some have very bad habits by which they are now in jails. Today i will tell you how some habits lead to the accumulation of fat on your belly and now even belly but whole body. Beware of the of the fact that good habits will help you in having a good and peaceful life which will enhance your personality.

Some people have very bad tendency of drinking Alcohol.  Alcohol is so dangerous for our body in so many respects. We not only lose reason but we also contribute for building up a fat belly. You might have seen many drunkards have huge bellies, this is all because of the fact that alcohol builds up layers of fat around you belly. Now there is a huge fact of building up of fat by alcohol.

Basically alcohol  has no fat in it but when it get inside our body it splits into its compounds, namely acetate and fat. Now the more you drink, more will be the fat accumulation on your body. The acetate part of alcohol is used as the first preference fuel for the body. So all the energy is derived from it without burning your food that you take. So those carbohydrates and proteins and plus the fat taken through alcohol will all be stored at your belly.

 Your body will look very awkward because you will have a drummy body and skinny legs and arms. So its a better option no to take alcohol as it has high tendency of making your belly very fat. If you check the rate of how many calories are present in one gram you will find quite a high number like 7. So if you are consuming alcohol and have a huge belly, then only way to get in shape is to stop drinking and focus on natural ways to lose fat. Take care.

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