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Friday, March 4, 2011

Herbs That Can Reduce Fat

Imagine, how great it would have been, if we could lose fat without do anything. Is it really possible to do exactly so? Well, let me tell you my friends, it is not exactly possible, but not impossible even. What exactly could be done is that we can reduce our efforts in losing fat. And yes, this is absolutely possible, and today I am going to tell you some techniques to reduce your extra pounds by shedding some fat.
 These tips are not exactly the tips, but these are the herbs which can help you do exactly that. Yes, HERBS! You seem to be very puzzled by my saying that herbs can help you in reducing your extra fat. Now read the post to get to know yourself about how you can exactly use herbs to reduce fat?
1.      Green Tea
According to traditional Chinese medicinal practices, green tea was always considered a healthy beverage and one to reduce fat. The science today has proven this fact by researches that people who drink green tea reduce more fat as compared to people who do not.
2.      Indian Bdellium
In the Indian subcontinent it is popularly known as Guggul, and considered a very fruitful herb for reducing fat according to Indian traditional medicines. This herb helps enhance your metabolism and thus help liver to work more efficiently to burn excess fat. A study of people consuming this herb showed that they could reduce nearly 1.92kg weight within a FORTNIGHT, yes within that very less time. Also this herb stimulates the secretion T3 or Tri-iodothyroxine, a thyroxin metabolite, which increase the activity of thyroid gland, which increases the metabolism.
3.      Bitter Orange
It is a very useful herb in case of obesity. This is also known as citrus aurantium, and increases the heartbeat rate, also proven to help reduction of fat.
4.      Ginger
This is very commonly used herb, though many people are unaware of its fat reducing capability. Take at least three cups of ginger tea a day and see the result for yourself. Also some grated ginger can be added to the soups.
5.      Pepper
Pepper raises the rate of metabolic activities in our bodies, thus enhancing the ability of liver to digest more fat, reducing fat also keeps some throat problems off you.
6.      Tamarind
This is a fruit which is sour in taste, and contains hydroxycitric acid, which helps to melt the excess fat in our bodies.

So guys help your body to reduce that extra fat, give your digestive system some herbs and it will give you slimmer and trimmer body within days.

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