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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Diseases Caused By Belly Fat

Hello everyone. Fat that is surrounded around the internal organs of the body, have caused our belly to look like apple shaped or pear shaped. The fat which has been accumulated around our body causes lot of diseases. The fat areas of thighs and hips look so ugly and also cause tiredness when you walk a while. Belly fat consists of cells and blood vessels that secrete a lot of harmful hormones that are very toxic to humans, these hormones are resistin, cytokine, and inter leukin L6. These hormones cause several diseases and can kill people.
There are many diseases that are caused due to the accumulation of fat in our body. The biggest killers by having excess fat are as:
Cardiovascular diseases: this is a disease caused to heart when a person is fatty; this disease also includes Enlarged Heart, cor pulmonale, varicose veins and pulmonary embolism.
Endocrine diseases: This disease causes cysts in the ovaries that result in missed or irregular periods. It also includes diseases like menstrual disorder and infertility.
Gastrointestinal diseases: This disease includes Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Fatty Liver Disease, Cholelithiasis, Hernia, and Colorectal Cancer.
Renal and Genitourinary, Unary Incontinence, Chronic Renal Failure, Hypogonadism, Breast Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Stillbirth, Integument stretch Marks, Acanthosis Nigerians, Lymphedema, Cellulitis, Carbuncles, Intertrigo.
Musculoskeletal Diseases: this disease is related to high level of uric acid in the blood that leads to cause gout, Immobility, Osteoarthritis, Low back pain.
Neurological disease: this disease is related to the brain vessels, it includes Stroke, Meralgia Paresthetica, Headache, and Dementia.
Respiratory Disease: these include Dyspnea, Obstructive Sleep apnea, Hypoventilation syndrome, Pickwickian Syndrome, Asthama.
Psychological Disease: includes depression, low self esteem, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Social Stigmatization.
These are the diseases caused to people; these are the most dangerous diseases. So in order to keep these diseases away from your body, try to be slim and be slim and trim to reduce fat. The best advice to overweight people, who want to reduce the chances of heart attack and other harmful disease, should work on losing fat. This is possible when you work out and exercise regularly. You need to be strict on your schedule.


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