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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Control Hunger And Reduce Your Fat

Does your oscillating belly fat keep you off those kitty parties, reunions and all? Do you really want that big bulged stomach of yours to become slim and trim? Are you taken aback by all those hectic workouts and all the literature on reducing fat? Well, we can tell you, how you can get rid of those extra pounds, with the least possible physical efforts. One needs not to work-out for hours consistently. We owe our obesity to the accumulation of the extra fat, which the body keeps for the future use in case the body falls short of food in future.
When we  eat some food rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and essential vitamins, body consumes the part of it, whatever the quantity is requires by it, and a part of it is reserved and the still remaining part expelled out of the body, through various ways, which we are not concerned here. The most part of fat is not digested well and most of it is stored and later digested by the liver in duodenum. The amount of fat that the body stores as reserve for the short fall periods starts accumulating first in the regions more near to the digestive system, like stomach, chest, then arms and thighs, and later on the back too.
Two mistakes that all of us do almost, is the unmanaged eating behaviour and unmaintained food. The food that we eat should be a balanced diet, in terms of its nutritional content. The food should not be over stuffed with oily and fatty stuff, like cheese, butter, ghee, cream, etc. Also the timings at which the food is consumed is too vital to be taken care of, if the food is not taken at proper times, it affects the metabolism of our body adversely and thus reducing the digestive ability and causing the excess drain of nutrition from our bodies.
 Also the ill the metabolism doesn’t help in the reduction of fat. The over eating or we can say unmanaged eating, is the main cause of the so called obesity, and to control it means to control your hunger. It is a very effective and an efficient method of reducing the fat, as well as reducing the intake of fat. However, reigning the hunger is not a child’s play, but not impossible too. So, today in this easy, we will try to learn as to how we can control our hunger and reduce the fat and its consumption? Are you ready guys? I expect you to get ready by the same instance, so as to get ready to party and rock the dance floor.
Some important tips so that we can control our hunger, and thus reduce the intake of fat and other fatty products which make us look bloated are:
Drink Water: Water as we know, in its pure form, has no nutrients and is thus free from any side effect too.
a.      If you feel hungry at a time, when it has just been some hours to dinner or lunch, you should drink water. Doing this will reduce your hunger, and at the same time you are happy that you did not consume any extra fat too.
b.      Drink water before you start eating your meals, doing this makes you feel that your stomach is full, making you eat less than normal.
c.       Drinking water also enhances your metabolism, thus providing help to your liver to digest more fat. And lo! You lose fat without doing much.

Eat Salads: Salads as we know are veggies mostly, which are a zero fat zone. Thus eating and adding vegetables to your kitchen and dishes is fruitful. When you eat salad, you make your stomach full, thus reduce your eating. Also, when you feel hungry, they are good enough to counter that, as they make your stomach filled, without adding any unnecessary fat and carbohydrates to your body. See how easy is it guys!

Eat fiber foods: Fiber foods contain zero of every nutritional entity, which means they have a zero content of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and essential vitamins. So, eating such foods at the time of unnecessary hunger is quite good and helps you fight fat at the same time. So, guys grab a bowl of oatmeal, when you are hungry next time.

So guys add these tips to your daily diet and see the difference for yourself in just a month.

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