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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Burn Stomach Fat Within Minutes At Home

As the fat keeps on consistently accumulating in our bodies, the risk of a heart stroke, diabetes, other heart diseases, and certain types of cancer, also rises consistently. The main causes of the fat collection around the stomach region are stress and unmanageable food consumptions. And the very common mistake that the obese people around are committing, is doing numerous crunches and sit-ups, which only build the muscles, having less  effect on those layers of fat. 

 However, the very effective way of getting rid of those fatty fat layers is proper diet and an incorporation of few exercises into your daily life routine. To reduce the stomach region fat, one has to reduce the fat from all over the body, as there is no such way of losing fat, as “spot reduction” or “losing fat from a particular region”.

So, in this article I, along you together will try to reduce the overall fat of our bodies. So guys get ready.
Ø  The very first instruction is to help your metabolism keep on working, and the one best way for that is to eat five to six small but nutritious meals at regular intervals each day. This keeps your metabolism running and also reduction in the craving for food, helping you control over consumption and hence resulting in low fat accumulation. Also, the running metabolism helps reducing fat.
Ø  Do interval training three or four days a week. Instead of  long cardiovascular exercise with the same intensity; you may do 20 minutes of interval training. Interval training burns fat faster and builds your endurance and strength. Jog for three minutes at low intensity prior to the acceleration of high intensity for a minute. Return and exit from low to high intensity up to 20 minutes. Interval training can also be done on the cross trainer, exercise bike or stair climber.
Ø  Target abdominal muscle exercises like crunches, sit-ups, and secondary folds of the stomach. Keep up with these exercises regularly but at a particular time of the day if a layer of fat is melted from the stomach, the muscles will be exposed.
Ø  Get eight hours of sleep a day. When you sleep your body does the hectic job of restoring itself and provides you energy for your next workout. In short it prepares your body for physical efforts.
Ø  Reduce stress in your life. Increased levels of stress trigger the stress hormone cortisol, which is associated with fat in the stomach area. Good way to reduce stress may include meditation, deep breathing and delegation of routine work. You should also entertain yourself, which also shoots stress and relieves your nerves as well as the hormonal glands and regulates their secretions.
Ø  Do some weight lifting workouts, so as to maximize your muscle mass. The muscles continue to burn fat even when you're resting, so the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. Exercises combine multiple target muscles simultaneously. By doing exercises like bench presses, overhead presses, squats and dumbbell dead lift. Workout all the muscles in the body, but in intervals so as all the muscle groups get sufficient recovery time. For example, arm and shoulder workout on Monday, legs and chest and back, abs on Tuesdays and Fridays. So guys get started.

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