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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Belly Fat and Cortisol.

As you might have read the topic “Belly Fat and Cortisol,” it may seem perplexing to you, that how the both are inter-related? But you must know that Cortisol and belly fat are both highly related to each other in the present era of complex life. Many of you might be still wondering what cortisol is? Well, for the information of such readers, cortisol is a hormone, produced by the body in the situations of tension. Over production or better say, over secretion of cortisol, may have many adverse effects on our body and health at the same time. Some of the effects as weakening immune system, growing belly fat, increasing blood sugar and even hiking the blood pressure. This does not end here, read more to know more about the ill effects of cortisol, when it is over produced.
Effects of Cortisol on Our Body:
After any kind of stress or tension, it helps reinstate homeostasis.
As cortisol contradicts insulin, it endorses the breakdown of lipids in our body.
Over secretion of cortisol causes hyperglycemia.
It may also cause low level of testosterone.
Promotes belly fat.
In addition to the above hazardous effects of cortisol on our health and body, there are few more, like it weakens our body and makes it fragile. Moreover, over secretion increases belly fat, which is the mother of many other syndromes and health issues. See for yourself, how cortisol is very dangerous for our health.
What Causes Over Secretion of Cortisol?
In general and particular we can group one major cause for the over secretion of cortisol and it is any kind of stress or tension. This stress or tension may be due to starvation, less sleep or any other body stiffening tension. This over secretion of cortisol causes over gaining and accumulating of belly fat. To avoid this over secretion or over production of cortisol in your body, you should try to avoid every kind and type of tension, be it starvation or reducing the sleep hours. Never make yourself starve. Keep up with your meals, have breakfast most importantly at time, this reduces the chances of your skipping or postponing your lunch and also reduces the untimely dinning. Sleep well, a minimum of six hours and maximum of eight hours of sleep in every 24 hours should be maintained. Try some yoga and other exercises also, such activities increase your metabolism and also enhance the respiration. Avoid junk food and oily foods. Consult a doctor.
So, guys, stay tension free to be fat free. Try our other posts regarding reducing fat and burning calories.
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