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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All About Male Belly Fat

When we see around, we find that mostly women are a victim to the belly fat and that men do not seem to be. However, an evident percentage of men experience it too. In fact, men face prey to more adverse effects because of fat or obesity. Here, in this article ‘All about Male Belly Fat,’ we are going to cover some important facts relating to fat in men.
Causes of belly fat in men
  • Poor digestion.
  • Less physical movement.
  • Long hours of office work.
  • Prolong sitting and resting.
  • Unmanaged diet.
  • Stress and work pressure.
  • Untimely food consumption.
Men fall in these problems as they are very much involved in the office work. At office, they find difficulties regarding their physical wellbeing. This causes many health problems in men, like hypertension, heart diseases, strokes, early ageing, nervous breakdown, etc. Well, nothing to worry about, we have a solution here. Read below.
Ways to lose belly fat
  • Consumption of water: you should try to drink as much more water as you can, at least 3 liters a day. It increases the metabolism of your body and thus helps in burning fat.
  • Manage your diet: eat a nutritionally balanced diet. Do not eat at odd times and avoid stress eating.
  • Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Fibers in your diet increase digestion and help in increasing the rate of metabolism, relieving more stored fat.
  • Regularly do exercises, jogging, and yoga. This activity increases the blood circulation in your body and thus increases metabolic activities in your body. This in turn burns much fat as the body requires more energy to do workouts.
  • Consult a cardiologist often. Ask your doctor for fitness tips and precautionary measures.0
  • Keep a record of your all medical issues. This helps in the emergency needs.
What to restrain from
  • Alcohol, cola, soda, etc.
  • High sodium diet
  • Fast or oily or junk food
  • Processed or baked food
  • Unmanaged and untimely diets.
So, do not worry at all. Follow these simple guidelines and you are safe. Read our other articles to find your own self in a much better state of health, body and mind. Take care of yourself, you matter.

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