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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Easy Steps To Reduce Fat

We can build our body, we are proud of.As we all know being fatty is a big problem, and by looking fatty we don’t look good. This extra fat in our body is a big problem, and by this we get problem in our daily lives at the time of shopping, at the time we are going to marry someone, at the time in our offices when we have to walk from one department to another. This not only is a problem but it deforms our personality too. We look very old when people are suffering from this fat.

So we need to reduce the weight and burn the fat so that one looks young, strong and beautiful. By keeping all these things in mind we need to burn some calories. We have to be slim and sexy. To be slim we need to work on it only half an hour a day, for that we have to avoid taking junk food like pizza, cheese, burgers, and potatoes. We have to avoid such things which contain a lot of proteins, carbohydrates like coke, juices etc.

To reduce this fat we need to do the following.
1. At least walk 2 km’s daily.
2. Mix 1 spoon of honey with 1 glass of water, and drink in the morning when you have empty stomach.
3. Go gym regularly to do some work out.
4. Don’t sit during you talk to anyone on the mobile phone, walk for that minutes.
5. Take black tea, this helps in reducing the fat.
6. Go on morning walk or evening walk that will also helps to reduce our fat.
7. Take oranges or sour fruits.
8. Take lemon water, without sugar.

Mainly the fat is accumulated around our waist, around our neck, around our thigh. But the most disgusting and problematic is the fat around our waist. According to latest research of Doctors , the morning or evening walks that we have to do regularly helps more in loosing fat and burning calories means burning carbohydrates from our body reduces a lot of fat.

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