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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Practice Belly Punching To Lose Fat From Your Stomach

Hello everyone. Its been nice that we are getting on and on. I thought of giving a different post on losing fat, something that's interesting to us all and new to people. Some of you might have heard about the belly punching method to reduce fat from your stomach. Hey you don't have to hurt one another or yourself to lose fat. There is a proper method of doing belly punching to lose fat. You can get a partner who is also fatty and then you can work out this method of losing fat.
 There is other method if you don't have any partner  who can punch on your belly. You can do it yourself and if you use a mirror it will add to your accuracy. To lose fat from your stomach your partner will punch you on your belly with a normal force, which wont hurt but will put stress on belly fat. This way the belly will work out to tighten its muscles and harden the abs which will result in losing fat from your body. Some people prefer doing it singly because he or she knows their belly better than others and there are very less chances to get hurt.
A good partner will keep you focused on the exercise and some days you wont feel to do the exercise but your partner will and that way you wont miss the exercise daily.  Your abs will get stronger as you persist in doing exercises daily and you will definitely see good results after some weeks.Basically the motion given to your belly will result in tightening the abs of your body s if you are doing push ups. One should be careful if he or she has some internal problems. Women prefer this exercise because they don't find much leisure time, they can do it at home with their partner.
 Its a very effective way to reduce fat. Gradually you will also notice that your arms are also coming into a good shape that's because of punching that you are doing daily.  You can do it in time intervals with your partner. After he or she finishes punching for about 10 minutes then you can start punching his or her belly.
 My point of view on this work out or exercise to lose fat is that its a very good way to lose fat. I think this is not practiced much but this will definitely help in losing fat. Your results are dependent on yourself, start losing fat from your belly by doing this amazing workout. Take care.


  1. Awesome article and data to read and it's really great for all!Love this post.It is so useful and helpful to me and all.God bless you.Amen
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  2. This is absoluteley true. I am a scientist and I accidently discovered the positive effect of stomach punching to loose abdominal fat and flatten the stomach area. I had suffered a big belly with fat for years (about 10 years) and had completely shape it up in about 1 month of this practice 9light punch to somewhat heavy punch about a few minutes a day made a great difference...we must do this and skip crunch, sit up and other traditional me it works 100%. Do it now, this is effective and it does not cost you a dime. Don't listen to other costly sources because they only go after your money.

  3. This works. It kinda hurts and your mid section is a bit swore. I've done this for about 2 months now. I've gone from the beer belly or "keg" to a 6 pack. If you do this I would suggest that you don't plow into yourself full force. Not only does that hurt but it certainly couldn't be good for your internals. Light punches more often will have the same effect with out the pain and the risk. Each to their own, but i was never able to reveal a 6 pack until I did this.

  4. Yes it is very helpful indeed and in order to gain good health and a better shaped body its worth trying that hard.

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    Thanks again

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  8. My understanding of doing this is that due to that BELLY FAT DOES NOT HAVE ANY VAINS IN IT - which makes it imposible for blood stream to reach the fatty sources there to consume them (Thats why the belly fat resists to be burned out and lasts longer than other body fats), when some certain demage there is made, a body needs to develop a way to reach the damaged areas and clean that out .. when a body at a same time lacks an energy - voila - an energy source is finally found. After some belly punching sessions, body may develop a circulation system there and burn the belly fat along your regular training. I dont have any prove for this, it is just my theory, I just begun this prctice few days ago, because I remembered when I was taking some self defense lessons some years back, each lesson was starting with this "unplesant" excercise (in pairs). A trainer was former boxer, so I think this is something a boxers have some experience with. I can say just from this few days experience I started now, Im positive about the effects, I can say my belly is for few days much warmer - which I hope is due to blood circulation, before that it was cold all the time even during ab trainings. Im trying to not hurt myself, always asking a friend in gym, when my abs are relaxed and tensed enough in a same time to punch me all over my abs for few minutes (2-3m) with increasing intensity - until I feel fine with the intensity.
    I hope my theory will prove.. Any thoughts on above ? Thanks