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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Important Tips To Reduce Fat

We all know that the unbalanced consumption of our daily food leads to the gain of extra weight or fat on our body. Mainly the carbohydrate part in the foods is killing to our personality. The extra pounds that we gain due to extra fat on our belly or we can say fat around our waist is due to carbohydrate. Carbohydrate plays a big part in deforming our body shape. We should consume food with less carbohydrate content. This way the extra fat that is being accumulated on our body day by day will be reduced. Gradually our body will look good. This extra weight of fat on our body diminishes our personality. Rice is the one of the biggest carriers of carbohydrates. We should try to follow some simple given below to reduce the fat that is already accumulated on our body.

1. Don’t eat fried things instead recommend yourself baked or steamed things.
2. Always prefer fiber foods.
3. Don’t consume alcoholic beverages.
4. Choose low-calorie or sugar free products at the home shopping.
5. Do a psychological effect, by taking in small plate.
6. Eat and chew slowly. Don’t eat before you feel hungry.
7. Weight yourself regularly.
8. Do some exercises like brisk walking, jogging, playing football, some outdoor games.
9. Do some physical and mental work.
10. Consume green tea.

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