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Monday, February 28, 2011

How You Can Control Fat By Counting Calories

Hello everyone. Today I am here to help you , if you are not interested to do exercises or work outs, you are looking for a more simpler process then here is a way how you can reduce fat in a simpler manner. The simplest process to lose fat is to count the intake of calories so be watchful of that.
For doing daily activities we need energy, this energy comes from the food that we eat. But here comes the point that we have to reduce the intake capacity of what we take. So if we lower the intake of calories that means we are burning  the body fat for more energy as our body needs energy for carrying on the internal metabolism.  For the effective fat loss you have to burn more calories that you consume.
A healthy diet is one that is balanced. That means consuming those foods which are rich in proteins, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. There are five categories of foods. Carbohydrate foods like bread, potatoes and bananas etc, which are rich in sugar content. Proteins such as meat, fish, eggs and beans. Fruits and veggies and lastly those foods which are having fats and sugar. Keep in mind that i am giving the least importance to fats and sugar as they are the agents that cause trouble and make you fatty.
 So if you consume this type of food that means you are consuming a healthier one. One gram of carbohydrate produces 9 calories. Your diet should be balanced on the calculation of intake calories. Lower your calorie the more fat you will burn. The more slimmer you will be. Though it may feel cumbersome at times to keep calculating but if you really want to look slim and fit then you ought to do it.  
To make it possible that your fat should get reduced we need to plan a good diet that suits your body and metabolism of the body. These foods are rich source of energy. The food you have to consume should be less in fats and less in calories. And should be rich in fibre . So be watchful and control the intake of calories.
One of the major causes to gain fat is the use of sodium rich foods. They store water and make you fatty. Foods that are low in sodium like vegetables and fruits should be consumed, they are rich source of vitamins,minerals and off course fibre and help you to lose fat. Consumption of more fibre reduces the fat content of the body. These fibre foods also help in easy removal of waste from the body. So start losing fat now.

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