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Monday, February 14, 2011

How To Get Rid Of Extra Fat Or Stomach Fat.

Get Rid Of Extra Fat Or Stomach Fat.
There are a lot of people suffering from stomach fat, and this fat is very difficult to loose from the body. Before we proceed further, I need to mention that we have to be mentally strong in the way to get rid of this fatty body that we have. And this fatty body is have to get remove from the body. Many doctors give medicine, or the slim sauna belt, which give radiations to that particular body, but these products have disadvantages too. Say for example you are using this radiation belt for your abdomen, what about the rest body, you can’t apply that belt for your face too. No these radiations are very dangerous for health, and more dangerous for the lady who is having a baby in her lap.
There are also many diet plan medicines which guarantees the permanent weight loss from the body, like hydroxycut, supplements and they are FDA approved. According to latest research of doctors and scientists said that taking these drugs which reduce fats causes valvular heart disease, kidney failure, stomach cavity. So these diet medicines are dangerous, and we should try to reduce the fat naturally.
  We have also heard about liposuction surgery, that remove fat from the belly and people look smart, but it too has disadvantage, while they operate you, you get many stitches across your body, they cut off the extra belly skin, which causes rigid and scales on your body, and that looks ugly when you change cloth’s.  And the fat which is stored in neck and thigh. For that we need to exercise, we need to work out. You tell me if someone opts for this surgery and from the belly he looks young, but when we look towards his face, neck and thigh. Just imagine what he looks like.
This blog is to help those who are suffering from fat problem, and we are here to help you to get rid from this fat that is stored in your body. You will reduce fat without having surgery or without having drugs. Some more articles are coming which will help u to remove fat which are based on some new research projects of doctors.
These are Some of the important tips which doctors point out during research to lose fat from the body:
1.      Take albumin of egg that will reduce fat.
1.      Sleep for less hours.
2.      Avoid sleeping in afternoon; it helps in increasing the burning of calories.
3.      Avoid that food which is made of rice products.
4.      Consume wheat products rather than rice products.
5.      Always choose fruits and salad to eat.
6.      Stress can also reduce your weight. 
7.      Eat a healthy breakfast, avoid butter and junk foods.

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