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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Much Dangerous is Fat On Your Stomach

Hello everyone, well i am back today with a very vital information. You will be really thinking about the fat on your belly that most of us don't care about after reading this article of mine. Thinking about the fatty belly is always disgusting and always will be. Some people don't care and take it lightly as if there is no problem in having fat belly. Truth behind the fat stomach is very dangerous. There are many diseases that you get by having extra fat on your body especially the stomach part.

The extra fat on your belly gradually mixes with the blood and rises the clotting level of blood, the clotting of the blood inside your body can give you a heart stroke and even harder a heart stroke can prove a death point. So we should be very aware of the extra belly fat.
The extra stomach fat also gets into our liver, as you know one of the very important functions of our liver is to break insulin but when the extra fat secretion happens from our stomach, it degrades the liver functioning and its not able to break the insulin down which further causes diabetes.
 So we should maximise the potential of staying away from the foods which have high fat content.  The intake of food items having high fat content finally takes the fat molecules in our blood. Thus the extra fats travel through all our body and create different problems and diseases in our body. It gets more worse if we don't stop with our food activity. We will be contracted to various diseases like diabetes, heart strokes etc. The extra fat in men is usually stored on stomach but in women its stored in lower pelvic region.  
We should try to minimise the intake of fats up to a great extent and we should work out especially in the morning when the belly is total empty. Take the right food which are low on fat, even if we consume fats but that should be good fats which don't add up to our belly. Trans fats are very bad for our health and they contribute to accumulation of fat on our stomach.

 Stay away from carbohydrates as they are converted to fats and stored in the body, if taken in excess they will also add to your obesity. You have to do a nice workout without stressing out yourself and that will help you a lot.Don't stress out yourselves otherwise you wont do the work out next time and  your fat will remain were it was.
 You need to exercise your body so that the extra stomach fat is utilised for energy need of our body. I would say you must take steps to lose stomach fat, taking in consideration the kind of diseases it can give you. So everyone start to take the right food and do the workout. You will see your results. You can also check how much calories you have burnt in work out from the calorie calculator at the bottom of our blog.Take care.

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