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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Easy Ways For Women To Lose Fat

Hi everybody. Humans have tendency to gain fat due to over eating. Male persons prefer gym rather than women and work out more than women so they lose fat quickly than women. Women get busy with their family schedule,personal life and children, and they also don’t get time to go for gym. So I thought of giving an article for women who don’t get time to go out for gym, and do heavy work out’s. So here are some of the important points which help women to lose fat without disturbing much of their schedule.
 Belly fat in women is more unhealthy because it hampers their personality a greater extent than men. Fatty tissues around the abdomen means to carry heavy health risks. It includes thigh, buttocks, and lower abdomen which look very ugly and also add to getting tired quickly. Various health studies show that extra fat in body is a major way for diseases in humans, like increase in blood sugar, increase in cholesterol level and high blood pressure.
Important jots for people who want to lose fat:
1.      Do Belly Rubs:  This is one of the fantastic methods that I have learnt, you have to simply rub your hands very harshly just for 30 seconds, and after generating heat from the hands apply it on the button of the belly in circular moments  around your belly. Rest and repeat the same process for five minutes. Do it for 2 to 3 times a day.

This works as the heat generated from your hands. It goes straight in your body affecting the belly fat. This heat loosens your belly fat and also destroys the fat up to some extent. The heat helps in melting down the extra fat on your belly. This is totally cost free and you can do it daily without any stress.

2.      Daily consume 3 green apples: It has been well said an apple a day keeps doctor away. Here is an important way to lose fat by eating green apple. This green apple is sour in nature and contains citric acid at the time when it is green. This helps in burning some of the calories of your body by citric acid, and hence helps in reducing fat.

3.      Trampoline jump to lose fat: During your free time or while watching TV you can simply use  jumping on trampoline. As while you do jumping on this trampoline, it troughs you back in the air, and while doing this you are burning some calories and also enjoy. In this way you will love to reduce fat, and your appetite for losing fat in this way will increase as its fun. People want fun ways to do any work. Fatty people would have never dreamt of having fun and at the same time losing fat. So hurry up start jumping.

4.      Walk in upward direction: Walk on the stairs up and down at your home, for 5 minutes in upward direction, as while you walk in an incline position your body needs more energy to do so, as you are going against gravity, this helps in burning of calories and losing  fat. Its simple logic when you are going with the gravity you are not applying anything extra but going against you have to exert more force to do work so you lose energy. Energy in turn makes you lose fat.

After reading this article you must have felt that these are some of the very uncommon and easy methods to lose fat. These facts help you  in reducing your fat quite easily rather than doing harsh work outs or exercises.Now stay healthy throughout your life with these simple steps. Take care.

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